"Kyoto Soy Foam", there are several theories about its origin.

One is the idea of Esupuma from Spanish dish, another one is the idea of Mousse from French cuisine. Yes, its origin is not stated officialy.

As one of the various theories, it is said that was born by the thoughtfulness of cook who did not want to damage the fashionable kimono or clothes of customers who came to dinner.

Our Kyoto Soy Foam of Maiko-san was born and commercialized in order to share Japanese hospitality with many people in the world.


Sodium concentration of "Kyoto Soy Foam" is only 5%, nevertheless it contains from 15% to 18% in the normal soy sauce, this number is just about one-third from normal products. It could be very low salt considerable, because even in comparison with most of low sodium soy sauce which contains from 7% to 8%.

In addition, thanks to the foam, you may increase or decrease the amount that you want in advance, it would be the best to eat for those who reduce salt in the meal. Plus, the taste is already adjusted by Dashi soup stock. So you would not feel unsatisfactory.

How to use

Pour water three times to the amount of Kyoto Soy Foam powder in a closed container.

Shake it well.

And let it sit in the fridge for 30mins.

Foam stays for a day.

You can change the flavour with different tastes.

For dinner, snacks, or Bento box!

**Please consume it within a day for safety.


You can prepare your meal with Kyoto Soy Foam seasoning in various ways.
Would be applied not only to Japanese cuisine but to more. Bon Appétit!